I love Girl Scout Council’s Own badges.
I love their quirkiness, colorful designs, and unique local flavor.
Browse here, identify a mystery badge, or get inspired for your own badge.
But PLEASE don’t ask to buy any. 99% have been discontinued. PLEASE do not contact councils to try to purchase.
Check the
"Shop Your Council" page of the national Girl Scout Shop website.
This site is for reference only.

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GSUSA instructed councils to halt their local Council’s Own programs when the Girl Scout Leadership Experience Badges were introduced in late 2011. Most councils have sold off their stock of Councils’ Owns. Some councils reworked their programs into patches, and a few have adapted to the new Discover, Connect, Take Action model.

I’ve gathered here as many Council’s Own images and requirements as possible. In some instances where I do not have a good images of a particular CO, I may display the images of a different age level CO with the same design or just a blank badge. The original, creating, council is listed followed by the renamed council in parentheses.

The original designs and requirements are the intellectual property of the original and successor councils, but the digital images are my own, unless otherwise noted.

Please do not copy my images and use them to sell your badges.

This is an unofficial, educational site intended to help identify mysterious Girl Scout badges, to inspire Make Your Own badge projects, and to help leaders wanting to supplement the current program offerings.