Brownie Try Its

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Try-Its, the first national program for Brownies, were introduced in 1986. Each Try-It had six activities; girls had to "try" at least four of them to earn the recognition. The program was an immediate hit and quickly grew beyond the original 15.

A blank "Our Own Council's Try-It" was approved in 1988, launching a wave of colorful, imaginative local programs.

The first Try-Its were part of the Worlds to Explore era and had colored borders indicating to which world they belonged:

Blue: People
Purple: Arts
Yellow: Out of Doors
Red: Well-Being
Orange: Today and Tomorrow

Council's Own Try-Its came in a rainbow of border colors.

As the Worlds to Explore program phased out, Try-Its switched to brown borders in 1999.

With the new program introduced in 2011, the "Try-It" name was retired. Brownies still earned triangle-shaped recognitions, but now they are known as "badges."