Artistry to Stitch About

Artistry to Stitch About is a Facebook group created in 2014 to reissue several popular, but discontinued Council’s Own programs. They also issued several sets (Brownie, Junior, and C/S/A) based on pop culture themes, such as the Hunger Games trilogy and Harry Potter. Despite their official-looking shapes, these are not council or GSUSA approved badge programs and should not be worn on the front of a vest or sash. To the best of my knowledge, the designers have not secured permission to replicate copyrighted images from books, movies, and television programs. Some of the designs are very pretty, though!

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Behind the Mist
(Percy Jackson)
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Enchanted Bonds
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Doctor with Two Hearts
Faster Than Fast
(Fast and Furious)
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Fight Like a Girl
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Forever Heroes
(Marvel Comics)
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Friendship Magic
(My Little Pony)
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I Love Softball
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Sweet Treats
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